The Astounding Well being Rewards of Limu Moui and Fucoidan

For hundreds of years, the natives of Tonga have consumed a brown seaweed named limu moui.  It was prized for what Tongans discovered to be its therapeutic and restorative properties. Now, scientific investigation has caught up with all the Tongans as the vitamins contained during the seaweed have begun to be isolated and examined.


A vital part of limu moui is fucoidan. Fucoidan is actually a sulfated polysaccharide, a kind of complex carbohydrate, that occurs by natural means while in the mobile walls of particular varieties of seaweed. It doesn’t come about in almost any land-based crops. Limu moui is one of the richest sources of it. Fucoidan is tested in over seven hundred scientific reports, and it has been demonstrated to have potent anti-cancer outcomes, inhibiting tumor advancement and metastasis, and triggering most cancers cells to die off in a few situations. It’s got also been revealed to obtain immune-supporting effects.

People of fucoidan during the kind of the original Limu consume have reported enhancement in their blood sugar and blood levels of cholesterol, far more power and superior slumber, enhanced joint mobility and improved gastrointestinal perform.

How can The Limu Firm harness the wonderful well being benefits of fucoidan?

The Limu Organization utilizes a chemical-free extraction procedure made by a staff of experts above fifteen a long time. To start with, the seaweed is harvested by hand with the waters off the coastline of Tonga, which are free from large metals and various pollutants. Motorized boats are not even permitted in the area. The harvested seaweed is flash-frozen to protect its nutrition, then it undergoes the chemical-free extraction method, which leaves the numerous nutrition intact and very bio-available. Following, the limu is mixed with papaya, mango, pear, and apple for making a in a natural way delectable consume with out sugar or artificial sweeteners. It really is packed in sterilized glass bottles and delivered all over the whole world. At every stage on the process, the merchandise is inspected to ensure it can be cost-free from contaminants, and analyzed for dietary content.

Original Limu is packed with nutrition, and it has the the flavor of a tropical punch. Two to 4 ounces each day would be the proposed total that should allow you to enjoy its wonderful wellbeing gains.

As a Accredited Oncology RN for over 20 years, I am able to attest for the impressive wellness observed from consuming a normal, chemical-free seaweed extract known as Original Limu.